Wirtschaftsregion Westbrandenburg

  • Digital highway

    When companies consider to settle in a region, they ask for connections. And nowadays this means beside roads, rails and rivers or canals, digital connections as well. But even well established companies need fast Internet to remain competitive. Westbrandenburg is on it. continue reading

  • The target in sight

    Different countries of origin, different qualifications, a common goal: to integrate into the labor market in Germany as quickly as possible. Since March 2016 the project "IQ Brandenburg – Supplement Course for graduates: computer science and media" is being held at the Technical University of Brandenburg (THB). It demonstrates how integration can work. continue reading

  • Innovative Brandenburg

    It is obvious: the world is changing faster and faster. People and businesses must adapt or even initiate change processes. In the Region of Westbrandenburg every year this ability to innovate is rewarded with a prize, the BraIn – Brandenburger Innovationspreis (Brandenburg Innovation Award). continue reading

  • Training differently

    There is a well-known saying: Travel broadens the mind. And it is right. This is especially true for stays abroad in the context of school and education. More and more companies in the Westbrandenburg economic region are helping their apprentices to new experiences through internships abroad. continue reading