Wirtschaftsregion Westbrandenburg

  • get the right view

    Everybody, who is involved in the optic industry in Berlin and Brandenburg, can not elude the OABB optic network alliance brandenburg berlin e.V.

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  • promotion of cooperation

    The Competence Network Rail Berlin-Brandenburg (KNRBB) lobbying at Kirchmöser (district of Brandenburg/Havel)for the development and promotion of modern and economically viable technologies. It promotes cooperation between companies as well as the cooperation between research and policy.

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  • special skills - strengths of the cluster

    Brandenburg is concentrated in the economic development of nine high-growth cluster. For each cluster, there are special consultants at the ZAB -  ZukunftsAgentur Brandenburg.  They help the companies  to exploit their potential completely and thus to promote their growth.

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  • Live A Healthy Life (Gesund in Brandenburg an der Havel e.V.)

    On 21. February 2006 the association “Gesund in Brandenburg – Stadt der Medizinkompetenz” was founded by Dr. med. Thomas Wurche, the medical director of the health center in Brandenburg an der Havel and by the mayor Dr. Dietlind Tiemann. Because of that founding Brandenburg an der Havel will still be an important transregional healthcare location.