Wirtschaftsregion Westbrandenburg

  • Das Flächenportal zeigt Ihnen die verfügbaren Gewerbeflächen und -immobilen in der Wirtschaftsregion Westbrandenburg nach von Ihnen definierten Suchkriterien.

    Commercial property finder

    The commercial property finder provides the free industrial estates in the Wirtschaftsregion Westbrandenburg.

    The commercial property finder of the Wirtschaftsregion Westbrandenburg

  • Shining city

    The Berliner Straße is a main artery road with a lot of traffic from the Bundesstraße and a boulevard for shopping in the city center in Rathenow. In the last years the city center was characterized by the traffic on the high frequented Bundesstraße. But there were al lot of construction work from 2011 to 2014, that´s why the Berliner Straße is looking good as new. Read more

  • Industrial park in Rathenow

    Companies from Rathenow proclaimed the new “Duncker-Gewerbepark” in April 2014. Thereby they don’t just remember of the founder of the optical industry in Rathenow but create a common infrastructure in the Jahnstraße 27 in Rathenow as well. Read more

  • Metal tradition

    Constructions made of aluminum, steel and glass are their daily business. Facades of new buildings or reconstructions, doors, conservatories, store windows - everything is customized at the Metallbau Windeck GmbH. Now in fourth generation. Read more