Wirtschaftsregion Westbrandenburg

Brandenburg Economic Development Corporation (WFBB)

The Brandenburg Economic Development Corporation (WFBB) provides a comprehensive, individually tailored and free service about the themes: professionals, trainings, reconcilation of work and family, job-integration and labor policy instruments in the state of Brandenburg. The WFBB-experts offer you lots of consulting and supporting services, needs based concepts and the effective implementation of financial assistance programs. You find more information at the WFBB-Homepage or at their department specialized on 'Labour': WFBB-Arbeit (only in german).

The contact for the western Brandenburg region :
Herr Jörn Hänsel
Steinstraße 104-106
14480 Potsdam
Telefon: +49 331-20029-137

The contact for the north-western Brandenburg region and county Havelland:
Herr Andy Stolz
Alt Ruppiner Allee 40
16816 Neuruppin
Telefon: +49 3391-775-9671


Weiterbildung Brandenburg (WB)

"Qualification Brandenburg (WB)" is connected to the WFBB. The WFBB-Team informs and advices about offers of trainigs and qualifications in the state of Brandenburg. The assistants help to find the best offer for everybody. The training courses can also be found online. For a personal contact send an Email to: 

Wirtschaftsförderung Land Brandenburg GmbH
Team Weiterbildung Brandenburg
Friedrich-Engels-Straße 103
14473 Potsdam
Telefon: +49 331-70445722

If you need personal assistance, contact:

Frau Heike Bürkle

Herr Benjamin Krickau


Industrie- und Handelskammer Potsdam (IHK)

The Chamber of Industry and Commerce Potsdam (IHK) promote the economy in its district especially in the field of education and training and offers its members a competent and customer-oriented service. Start-ups get advices and support for the development of their own business from the very beginning. And also corporate successions are accompanied and supported by the IHK. The consultants of the IHK provide information on trainings and skill-development for job applicants and employees. They inform about financial assistance programs andf help to find adequate courses and seminars. For an individual consultancy interested people can take the following form to contact the Chamber of Commerce in Potsdam (only in german). Questions of entrepreneurs about vocational qualifications and external staff development were answered by:

Frau Kerstin Poloni
Telefon: +49 331-2786-279

Furthermore the RegionalCenters Brandenburg/Havel (only in german) is a competent partner:
IHK RegionalCenter Brandenburg an der Havel und Landkreis Havelland
Frau Kathrin Fredrich
Jacobstraße 7
14776 Brandenburg/Havel
Telefon: +49 3381 529113


Bundesagentur für Arbeit

The Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit) supports for example companies vocational qualification with the so called "WeGebAU"-program. To get more infomration about that program, entrepreneurs can call the employer-service under 0800-4555520.

Job applicants get lots of information about qulification opportunities from their personal contact at the Agentur für Arbeit or Jobcenter. At the Kursnet you can find various educational institutions, which offer a diverse range of courses. All employee-related questions will be answered unter 0800-4555500. The Agencies and Jobcenter of the region of western Brandenburg are:   

Agentur für Arbeit Brandenburg an der Havel
Kirchhofstraße 39-42
14776 Brandenburg an der Havel

Agentur für Arbeit Rathenow
Friedrich-Ebert-Ring 63
14712 Rathenow

Jobcenter Brandenburg/Havel
Kirchhofstraße 39-42
14776 Brandenburg an der Havel

Jobcenter Havelland
Puschkinstraße 6
14712 Rathenow

Handwerkskammer (HWK)

Wheter economical-legal or special-technical courses, the Chamber of Crafts (HWK), offers its masters and journeymen extensive education programs and advices for career advancement. The current course offerings, trainings and education programms can be found on the website of the Chamber of Crafts (only in german) in Potsdam.

For a personal consultation about qualification offers and advanced trainings please contac the assistants of the HWK here


Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg (ILB)

The Bank for Investments of the State of Brandenburg (ILB) is one of the first contacts for the so-called "Bildungschecks" or to promote the entry into employment. Also startups are supported with numerous funding programs. You find more information on the ILB-Homepage.